Find a daycare that suits your family and it's needs.

When looking for a childcare center, it is important to find the one that suits your family and its needs. A center that is right for your neighbor may not be the right one for you. Some tips to consider while doing your search;

Stop in unannounced

    • Stop in to tour when it is convienent for you. When you stop in without an appointment you see the children and staff "in action".
    • Does the center smell clean?
    • What is the mood and tone of the center?
    • Do the majority of the children appear happy and engaged?

Ask about the staffs education and qualifications.

    • Do the head teachers have degrees?
    • Does the center conduct regular training to keep staff current on regulations?
    • Are any staff members trained in first aid and CPR?

How often does the center run fire drills and review the emergency procedures?

    • Feel free to ask to see their fire drill logs.

What are the policies on illness?

    • Find out which illnesses will keep your child home and if a doctors note will be required for their return. Although strict illness policies may be inconvenient, keeping sick children (and staff) away from the center decreases the spread of illnesses. Good centers help cut down on illness by requiring all children and employees to have current immunizations and regular checkups.

Ask about the smoke and CO2 detectors?

    • Are they in place and operational?
    • How often are they tested?

Is thier license current?

    • Ask to see thier state license

Bring your child(ren) with you.

    • How do they react? Do they seem interested? Comfortable?

Probably the most important factor...

    • What does your gut tell you?