This classroom works toward preparing your child for Kindergarten.  Stepping into our preschool classroom and you will find a large, colorful room divided into carefully planned and labeled interest areas for the children.  We consistently rotate centers and supplies so that the children in our care will be continuously stimulated through active play and learning.  This room has been carefully designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Preschool children will be taught literacy through sound recognition and site words.  They will learn their colors, shapes, letters and numbers.  The children are introduced to computers and will print on a daily basis.

Other activities include dramatic and manipulative play, building blocks, crayon drawing and more.  Children will also be engaged in a variety of sensory activities ranging from water table play, “goop,” playdough, “glarch,” and much more.  We actively participate in outdoor playground time as well as vigorous walks around the perimeter of the complex.  Daily reports and twice yearly progress reports are provided for our Preschoolers as well.